Pain with love

To love without you is impossible.
To hate you is even more impossible.
To die without you loving me is easy.
To hate someone that hurt you is easy.
Why did you play with my heart?
Why didn’t you just told me to back off?
Can’t you heal the arrow in my heart?
Can’t you heal my spirit before it died?
My life was nothing without you.
My spirit was gone when you hurt me.
Your life is the same even if you killed me.
Your life will not change just because I’m dead.
I cried and cried without any feelings.
I felt so much pain it would never disappear.
When you made me understand I stop feel.
When you told me I was almost dead.
Even if I live I will never smile because I’m dead.
Even if I look happy my heart will never be the same.
Can’t you please kill me so I can live again and not love you.
Can’t you please put a bullet in my head so my body will be dead to.