Summer love

The story began in the cold Sweden in a lukewarm summer evening of 1994. I was a young girl, only ten years old, and I lived outside a village called Storevik. Storevik wasn’t as big as the name tells; it was only about 1000 people living there. I loved that place, but to be honest, I really disliked the people who lived there. I had no friends and I had always done everything all by myself... until that evening...

I was walking around in our big house and crooned loudly on my favourite song, “The final countdown”, when I passed the big terrifying mirror in our hall. Nothing strange about passing a mirror, but I saw one thing in it, that was amazing. I saw a young gorgeous person! I couldn’t keep the corners of my mouth down, so my mouth quickly turned into a smile. But that was nothing to worry about, because this sweet person had the same problem as I, and she gave me a wide and kindly smile. I don’t know why really, but when she gave me that smile, I felt like I was going to melt, like an ice-cream that has been out in the sun for too long time, forgotten put on its sunglasses.

I really liked this person, but it was something weird about her. That curious type doesn’t answer, what ever I said to her. I won’t blame her, because in some way we were talking to each other without speaking. We probably had so much in common that we could understand each other’s thoughts and gazes.

After one hour together with her I knew it – I was in love! I had never, ever, felt this way before, especially not for a girl. It was like five millions butterflies were inside my body. I had never been popular, but then I thought I was. The girl followed me around like a pretty pot of glue, and so did those five millions butterflies too.

I wished there never would be an end of this love-story, but it was. One day the girl opened her mouth and spoke to me. She said: “I got no emotions for anybody else... but you better understand, you’re in love with yourself.”

So my dreams were crushed, and there I was more forlorn then ever.