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Humans are birds with the wings on the inside and they experience successes that brings them down and defeats that elevates them.

Many believe that in life it is important to find your soulmate and few understand that it is much more important to reach your higher self first.

We waste years from our life but when death is coming we could give anything for some more moments.

You lighten or darken your life through the ideas you agree to.

The poet is a grain of sand that measures life in beginnings and loneliness in the distance between ideas.

You can kiss a soul with a smile.

I'll be so scared of life if it wasn't for love. I don't believe life will exist without love. Therefore, I'm fearless.

Love is like fire. First, it hypnotise you with its beauty. You are in awe and you get closer. You're scared because it start to get warm but you're too fascinated to back away. Once you're close to, is getting hotter. You feel the heat in your heart deep and not even notice when the fire leaves its mark. Now you wear its sigil. You have fall in love, trapped in the flames. If you're not ready to burn, don't get near a fire. From the ashes, you reborn into the eternal love.

My soul is an infinite column with roots in the abysmal light.

Until you learn you are unique, you write your life with a pen that use tears instead of ink.

Give me time, death to refuse the award for indifference given by the life that has your name!

The monsters in me can only be checked by the love I receive from the monster in you.

Katherine Myrestad

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Skrivande är en metafor för kontroll, och för att göra levande min passion. Varje val är mitt. Orden, formen, kärnan. Skrivande lärde mig att ens vision kan uppnås med viljestyrka och inspiration. Detsamma gäller livet, förutsatt att man alltid följer sina drömmar.
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