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The battle is end, but not the war,
You're wounded, hurt and feeling sore,
You're full of dirt and blood and tears,
You're powerless and incomplete,

You feel the cold, the pain the loss
Across the time bearing the curse
Of endless life of wrath and hate
Against yourself and foes and fate.

You miss the long forgotten light,
The plots, the madness and the fight
Made you fall deep and far from nest.
You grieve the never knowing rest,

You want the darkness disappear
And all the demons that crawled in
To take the death and with the the pain,
To set you free and once again

To feel the dust of all the stars
Touching your old and newest scars,
Your ancient soul is longing for
The warmth of what you once called home.

The freedom it's your biggest thirst,
To be yet found, not to be lost
In the insanity of haunt
The monsters that your doomsday want.

In all the chaos and resents,
The night's eternal sky reflects
What you became, angry and cruel,
No bliss or blessed but damned to rule

Over the blackness like a fool.
Deep down in the oblivion
It lays the magic of your core,
The silence that you're aiming for.

You only need to step inside
Your savage, antagonist mind
And face the hollow and his knight,
So you can reach the other side

And free you fly once and for all
Now rest in peace, you won the war.

Katherine Myrestad

Status: Brons författare

Skrivande är en metafor för kontroll, och för att göra levande min passion. Varje val är mitt. Orden, formen, kärnan. Skrivande lärde mig att ens vision kan uppnås med viljestyrka och inspiration. Detsamma gäller livet, förutsatt att man alltid följer sina drömmar.
Katherine Myrestad är medlem sedan 81.2 Katherine Myrestad har 32 publicerade verk


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