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1900th century. (Annelis) Del 1

it was in the better days(it's my memmori of 1900thcentury)
i walked along my way.street was empty no one dare to beoutside the time was different then today,only one was me walking this street.the luck of my heart was this beautiful car i drive always so fun driving to my beautiful some one i climbed into the car and drived with all my love to get to my presious sweetheart.
Thats why i say the better happier days of the 1900th century, it was love back then timeless love between the woman and man so young at heart i didn't know to take careof her my mouth sad things i did not know she listen so well to my words so my young heartwounded her heart oh! what a fool i was this days always when i reach her big old house i looked at the window at the right side of the house just to see if she was home she used to have the little light for me her message i was welcome in to her house.
i used to park the car a bit away so her father that was a loving kind for her not for me yet.
I locked the door and picked up one little stone i always did this way so,if she was in her roomshe know it was me when she heard this noise of me.
so, beautiful she always were shes loving voice when she talked to me. Welcomed me inside to her romantic room. I climbed up in this garden three it was my only way to get inside, her father would never let me in especial nighttime like this. so, as i tell you i climped up in the threeim always thankfull that it grow up there, i was like a georgeus bird that used the three, she was always so light scared i would fall down or thee three would break.But i was a good climber or bird reach her window and she helped me inside again as so many times befor, our secret love in this 1900th century.
When i stood there in her room it alwas take my breath away to see her. she was always worried of me if herfather finds out im there he would get his big hands on me and i do not dare to know what he would do to me so we was talking low even whispering about our love.
it was always my pleasure to see her, so romantic to kiss her her cheek, her nose, and to tell her my words only she know,she know me as the young hearted man i was this days i didn't know i hurt her when i left her because i foolish told her that i would never ever take the big step to marriage i was so young at heart when i said i wanted to be free like the bird i was to her, so i hurt her.her love was so sweetshe didn't want to hurt me so when i flew out the window after our uplifting romantic talk she never told me she hopefully believed in us and
me. oh! why not,she was so to sweet.when i reach the old car i was happy young man of this 1900th cenury.with a loving girl in his i started the car and left this house of love.the car i drive always so nice and quitly to take a ride especial to places of younghearted girls like mine.
thats why i love this car otherwise i had never get a chance to reach my sweethearted girl of mine.
what a night,when i reached my house i whisteling along happy as i were with my thoughts of her, when i reach the door i notice the key was gone it was not in my pocket as it always used to be. i must have dropped it so get into my house i just couldent do.
oh! what a bad luck i loose my key so probetly it was in the romantic room with her. so i went back to the street i love,i saw the light was not on so i carefully throw a little stone on the window,no answer no light maybe she get to sleep. i try to throw another one more stone then at last the light was on but it wasent her it was the man with the big hands father of her that take a look outside. he opened the window wit a angry face and yeld to me to go to another place i could hear from the background a worried voice beging please
he was so angry it would have been dangerous if he had a grip on me.i was worried of her so scared she must be will he hurt her when i leave punish her. i try to talk explain i only a friend but he yeld hes no fool and that i would leave and never return to this house and he told me if i do he would shut me down and put a bullet in my head so i went away scared of his treat. i try to connect with her again but it wouldent be easy i understand.
time went on i tried to not cause her any problems of her father so i walk quitly one night down under her window the little lamp was on the moon was full and there was a young man that missing his girl of heart.wanted to tell her he missed her a lot. but i was scared of father of the house would shoot me down if he understand i stood ther again.
so is life in the 1900th century.

some days later when i went back, last time i was at her house twice she didn't have any light for me maybe she sleept so, here i stood again woundering how to reach her again i wanted to tell her im so sorry if i make some problems for her tell her i wanted to hold her one more time.but who was i now? what had her father said to her.soi stood there thinking in the dark night under her window what could i do. woundering if i would dare to make some noice throw a little stone on her window to catch her intention. I did not want to cause any more problems to her. her father was a problem. i pick up a little stone held it in my right hand a little while, while i thinking about it. i must talk to her see if shes fine my little heart of mine. at last im carefully as i could throw it the little stone that hopefully wake the connection between her and me. maybe she didn't want to see me i must get some answers.does she still love me.
i throw the stone the sound of it on the glass make my noice.
will she hear and let me in.
nothing happened i wait i pick another stone throw it on yhe glass i saw now her face her lovely soft hair reflection of her behind the glass,she quitly open the window she looked scared and warned me if her fatherknow you here he become a monster hurt you bad please leave before its to late but me young hearted man said i only leave if you know i love you sweetheart.
she said to me all her love is for me but that i cant stay it to father is cold man when you come around.
he say im to young for that kind of love.he warned me to send me away if he see you around this old house again. i said that i will be back i throw her a airkiss she smiled and catch it with her pale white sweet hand and then she send a airkiss back and said she love me. i catch her kiss smiled and said that i try to find a way for us to be together for some talking,i pick a flower in the greengrass climb fast up in the three like a bird i fly when i reach hert i put the flower behind her left ear kissed her true said i must be this bird,i dont know if i live not to see you again my love.she get tear in her eyes told me to be carefull,she smiled and said she will remember me that she had a memory, she kissed me and i leave.thankfully she still loved me.

one month later

she moved away, far away from me i dont know where.
her father hand did not allowe this relationship between us young hearted people. what she think? what she feel? i do not heart break im in lovepain my little sweetheart left without a talk, without a note i did not know, nothing where do you go are you alright if i just knew. Did hear heart brake like mine. Her father a good man she said once to me but hes not good for me
because im just a young hearted man to young for her love,this 4 years story of sweet love is over?
she disapear like into the night.i could not see black like the night i lived so in 5 years.

my aching breaking heart healed at last
it took some time to stand up again.oh! love is not a game to survive its a tricky way sometimes.
but here i am strong like before one morning when i woke up i feelt so good i thought somethings wrong i dont feel any
aching in my dear heart. instead i saw the sun rise stronger than befoe behind the curtins the sun shine shy for me never forgot that august healed at last.But my love for her is carved in my heart this is the end? of my first love story.But her name i still remain in my memory.every day of my life. miss her i used to write poems words of love on the lonley nights to my missing love with only one wish (find you) again in the croweds will my wish come trough

( my love)
you are on your own
fare away from me the love inside of me to you
held me through all this days
without you
( my love)
till the day i find you again
it's people everywhere
but no one there like you
( my love)
someday you will be found
in the crowed of people
i find you again
love will live one more time
i know
you and me
is meant to be

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