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Early morning. Del 2

wednesday morning coming up
this early days of todays my old wrist watch 06:00 o´´clock
im laying twisted tired in the light blue my soft big bed there i always sleep and
find my peace.but i must up,eat food to streanghten my soul. so i get myself up to this young morning get myself ready for the day

while im eating all my thoughts in my mind wandering to the memmories of you my love.
memmories of our sweet talk and when i kissed you on your cheek and nose.
that now long time ago but still close to my heart, the dearest part of me i miss our lovley talk
had this memmories back in time.every breakfast day in my life
now its long time ago i know,but in my mind they always remain the same
year today is the 1900th centery
i lived my days in different ways
as the year one by one went by.
all the people i met in my long life everything inside of me like my love to you held me from the lifes pain inside of me oh! this days will i ever find them again in someone else i dont think so
how could i replace you.but a man must live need more than a memmory sometimes
nothing was like the 1900th centery thats there the memmories made with timeless love,made timeless dates in my mind with you my love
love love love is so hard to find someone
that special someone that get in to your heart and stay,my lifetime filled with love as long as the memmories stays in my mind
a good morning to the day, the sun wait to rise into the sky
this time i start to eat my breakfast with you in my memmories my love,one more time
once remain to my mind as always
it always stands the same

back from my memmories .i think she was the one.that name is carved in a stone and i had some five
years grief when i lost my love.
all i have is memmories of you my love.they heal me so i keep them safe pick them up every breakfast day.with the feeling im happy with what i got.myself and mymemmories of you

my love it will remain in my heart always
our love always stay the same
Will I ever find Someone like you again
I keep Looking into the crowds after you
My love

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Fredrik Trulsson

Inga stordåd, böcker, eller barn, men förhoppningsvis ett gott hjärta. Allt gott till er alla som besökt, läst och övertygat mig! :-) Är du mer nyfiken, samt modig, så finns jag här för dig,…

Fredrik Trulsson

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