The diamond necklace
around the cats neck in space.
Alice in Wonderland
jumps through wormholes
and finds the bunny and her sister
by the tree. The bunny says I´m
late for a meeting, and jumps down
the rabbithole and Alice follows.
In Wonderland she finds a cake.
Eat me, the cake says.
She eats it and grows small.
She is going through dimensions
and irish graves, through which
different worlds can be entered.
The smileycat disappears into the darkness in the
Alice and the smoking caterpillar smoke
and get high. Alice smiles and walks
off, still stoned, deeper into Wonderland.
The girl before the victorian dark mirror
smirks, and paints her lips black whilst her
reflection smiles.
Through the next planes, a spirit reaches
out to a seer and psychic,
a womans head in a jar is talking to her.
She saw a Titanic victim who died a death
she wouldn´t wish on her worst enemy
and ghosts.
Her fun thing to do is to do spunk,
wtihout any reason. She pretends to
be a ghost to scare the mean boys away.
Dimensions away, a girl is, through different
physical planes in a dimension,
doing something completely different in
a parrallel world. She?s also in the physical
plane, doing something different.