'Amazing Milla'

Everybody watch me now.
I am about to go on that stage.
A little pink lipstick, a tad of blush.
I enter the lion’s big cage.

I can make you break with a single look.
I can dazzle and razzle you all.
I can pull the broken heart from my chest.
And yet, I do not seem to fall.

You applaud but please, now I need silence.
For this trick is very very hard.
Watch, as I climb inside myself.
To retrieve your chosen card.

I see you all, you’re on your feet.
Cheering to me for more.
Well here you are my special ”Friends”!
I give you what you ask for.

As my tears turn to blood.
And my soul turns to stone.
And my body is sprawled on the floor.

I take a real deep breath.
And suck in all the hate.
And the pain and the angst in you all.
And with a great sigh, I begin to cry.

But you all mistake it for Joy, and you call,
”Amazing Milla, You are wonderful, Spectacular, Exciting, now, do it again!”

So just to make you happy.
I wipe away the tears.
A little more pink lipstick, a tad of blush.
I’ll concur all your fears.