Run, run, run
Run towards the sun
Run, just run away
Run to see a brand new day
Far away
Far away
Far away from the pain

Don’t believe the hate
Don’t think that is your fate
Don’t think they are so great
Don’t hate, don’t hate, don’t hate

Why you, my sweetest love?
Is there no god above?
Why messing up our lives?
There seems to be no paradise

I wish you may
Just run away
You do it your way
But I won’t stay

It isn’t right
No reasons to fight
To darken the night
You don’t bring the light

I give out my hand
I hope you understand
You don’t save our land
You don’t help Short Strand
By taking this stand
And cutting all bands

Why you, my sweetest friend?
Is there really no end?
What’s broken we can mend
If we learn to understand

Run, run, run
Run towards the sun
Please get away
In Belfast there’s no dawning day