Can you see?

“Can you see?”

Can you see how I feel inside?
Can you see the blood that is dripping from my heart, and my broken soul?
If you could, you would get scared
Because my soul is not beautiful and my heart is filled with tears
Can you see the face of a crying soul behind the dark shadow?
Can you see the fear that is hidden behind that empty smile?
If you could, you would be sorry
You would feel guilty because of the way that you have treated me
You would be sorry for not knowing
But you can’t help it, no one can
Only I can heal my bleeding heart that someone else has given me
Can you see the little girl that is fighting for her life?
Can you see the darkness that surrounds her everywhere she goes?
Can you even try to understand what she has to go through every day of her life?
If you could, you would feel ashamed
So don’t try, just forget