(Jörgen Jansson)

Had nothing left to loose
Needed to find new vigour
Had to swallow all my pride
Needed to live out the dream

Moved and found my desire
The queen of the lovetribe
She walked right into my heart
She shaped my view of new love

Her eyes are divine and in my sight
I gaze into the starlight in her eyes
My delight is to see these eyes
She knows about love and I believe it

Lips they speak of love
These eyes tell me real love
She is my femme fatal
She brings all the love in the world

Lies can’t come between us
It is a better life without them
I surrender that’s what I do
My heart is reeling in a new room

Her eyes are isles and I see them at night
My whole soul speak of these eyes
I only see these ably made eyes
She expresses love and I receive it

Real love really took me home
She’s the fruit from paradise
I’m thankful God rolled the dice
She is a gift from heaven

The house of love is my castle
It constantly gives pieces of passion
Empathy makes me hold its power
I ardour her kindness and fidelity

Her eyes make this life shine so bright
My fire reaches the sky for these eyes
I always treasure these heavenly eyes
She gives me all respect and I conceive it