I was talking to the wind

Yesterday I looked into the black mirror
I didn’t see myself, I saw a weak zero
I couldn’t recognize my own face
Of me there wasn’t one single trace

And tomorrow perhaps everything may fade
It’ll be gone, all the things we’ve made
The sky won’t stay blue and great anymore
The angels above will have forgotten how to soar

But tonight the wind calmly whispered in my ear:
'you don’t have to be afraid no more, my dear'
Then the stars opened the sky and sang a song for me
'the world is different tonight, it’ll be, you’ll see'

The ocean held my hand while it gently touched my hair
From nowhere there came a voice: 'the beauty of this night is so rare,
this world is a place of destruction, and nothing’s ever fair
but days like theese only comes when someone dares, when someone cares.'

The ground beneath my feets carefully leads me further out
Here’s where I truly belong, there’s not a doubt
I was only lost before ’cause I was living in the past
Now I’m letting myself get amazed by true nature
To this kind of beauty there’s no compatable matcher

Tonight this is such a beautiful place
Tonight the true souls also wanna gaze
Tonight my heart saw and got learned
And tonight I absalutely love this world