In A Black Pillow Dance

In a black pillow dance.
Entered a tumbeling trance.
Heart sti'll is tence.
There's no more romance.

In the shades lure.
The shadows who cure.
Insanety that returns.
Tortured chest that burns.

In a black pillow dance.
Balance on thy lonly branch.
Life gives no 2:nd chance.
In a black pillow dance.

Lonliness gloomey skies.
The heart beats and dies.
While the lonly man cryes.
To end but still tryes.

Emptyness rumbleing storm.
Inside feels like thorns.
Who is inside my head.
Feels as heavy as lead.

In a black pillow dance.
Lifted up my shimmerig lance.
Aiming at the shield.
The need to kill will reaveal.

©Copyright Stork 1999 All Rights Reserved