Know that feeling?

”Why can’t my mind be true
I just don’t know what to tell you
don’t seem to understand
don’t want to be who I am
were do I find the words to describe
the feeling so strong that grows inside
can’t take the pressure so I’ll hide
sitting here watching days go by
as I’m closing my window I see the stars outside
listening to every heartbeat
knowing that just by keeping my breath
I could ease it all
when I look at you
you make me feel true
afraid.. I might be
you can see right thru me
sometimes I wish
what if my heart could stop beating
would the sorrows let me be
don’t know what’s wrong with me
think it’s something no one can see
you prove me wrong
it’s all like a beautiful song
your eyes make me feel
suddenly everything’s so real
my heart wants to be with you
but you have to know
no feelings will show
I could never love
flying away like a hunted dove
free to love only the stars above”