Knowledge - (Know The Blues).

(Jörgen Jansson)

Sell your soul and angels will surly cry
Live and give them, dare to pass on
Your view must follow the changes
Wisdom comes as you follow ideas

I’ll never dash away on command, no
I rather be at 10.000 feat high above, no
I never run for a few times of fortune
I rather scream and shout, take the pain

We know yesterday… seen tomorrow
First and last though we give away
We know those agonizing days
Blues eats you she’ll spit you out
Everyone knows of the coming
The mistress of fire and ice
will spread the blues around

If you flow every single day, you’ll go down
I bet my pencils you’ll drop out tomorrow
If you’re right my friend, come ease the pain
Let me know I’m wrong, come make my day

I know about heaven hell and you
I know about madness at the top
You’ll never see me running for fortune
I rather scream and shout, take the pain