Metaphysical poetry

Turtle: the future of our species
"The soul is hiding you in a shell, like a turtle.
A turtle’s enemy is on land like ours. In the water, both of us are afraid to be alone. We are born in the dark and goes into the bright side with many hazards until we are two. We need to be on land to find love. Our species, belongs to a turtle's life.”- Rasmus J.W

Humans are amphibians

"Certainly we live in a material; external world, which our abilities to observe things, people and quantify the world with the body and follow Galileo's observations in the outer. But at the same time we are living alone in a deep internal perceived world, in water and the only person that hear you inside is you. The dualism of light and dark is also a link between object and subject. We are psychophysical; indivisibility units. " - Rasmus J.W

The end of a functional model of a fictional universe

”From ours, we cannot know. Maybe we see a Spherical universe behind ours, filled by magnetism that makes metallic object to governed by coherent laws. Maybe you see coldness, from liquid oxygen on a surface, which has magnetic attraction to hold a secret in the water of living humans. These animals may living alone in darkness and only hear a single voice; inner thoughts. "- Rasmus J.W