missing, pt. II: Jane Doe

missing, pt. II: Jane Doe

I shot and killed a man today
I pierced his already broken heart
one single bullet went astray
and he fell apart

as I watched life leaving him
he grabbed my gun in hand
whispered: you’re my last victim
I hope you’ll understand

the bittersweet sound of silence
surrounds his cold and empty body
free from dark and evil pestilence
his soul is screaming out a monody

sometimes you have to lose yourself
before you find anything
can I afford to lose myself
before I leave everything?
lose, find, lose, leave
lose, find, lose, sleep

as the bullet keeps the heart bleeding
I no longer hesitate
as I sit here in a pool of blood, leaving
I no longer hesitate

the ones who claim the human soul is as mortal as his body
I’m joining you
‘cause I no longer hesitate

like the one who has a bad dream
and in this estate
is wishing it’s nothing
but just a dream
eagerly longing
to what is out there
as if there’s a chance
it’s not there at all…
is it there at all?