Nirvana Alice

Nirvanarain falls in space,
rainbow colours. The stars
choke and fall, dreaming,
into outer space. The magick
never ends, and always happens.
Pegasus jumps in the nirvanarain
and falls into the pink sea of nirvanarain.
The nirvana rainbow glows and in it,
my little ponies run, their fur pink and
the stars on their backs are yellow.
She chews gum, the girl with the
pink hair and her eyes scan the
neighbourhood of the dark stars
with the spacewalk.The eternity clock strikes and dimensions
dance and doors open to the occult.
There, spirits are and hang out with the
other spirits and are contacted again and
again in the seance room by Sarah Winchesters
ghost. The clock bulges and strikes backwards.
Alice in Wonderland stands wondering in
Wonderland where the cookies are,
sbe´s really tall and wants to become small.
The smileycat tells her to shut up and
she rushes off, crying.
In the little cottage, the teapot makes sounds
and the mousemother takes it off the stove,
serving all her mouse children some tea.
The thousand foot worm smokes some,
and Alice tests too. She walks off, still stoned,
into Wonderland.