No Rebound.

(Jörgen Jansson)

Been degraded mistreated, all right?
Been fighting within demonic flames
Reached the edge and collapsed again
Some how it’s my quarters, my sphere

I’ve been injected with affective potion
Imagined certainty in the deadly space
I’ve been chained, protected by angels
Imagined good sense in passionate fear

Said enough - there’s wisdom to be explored
Going to leave the dome
I’ve paid the price of being born, tough enough
Said and done in a unsorted fantasy

Had the chaos in the tunnel
So bright, oh the rainbow likeness
Had moments in the tunnel
So right, oh the airflow sane less

I’m about to flee, headed for real fantasy
Wish another abandon ray could see me
Endless days, wish I could breathe the last
Wish myself out of this beam of existence

Done enough – way to many cuts in this sword
Going to burst this dome
Life is over again, gone again that’s what I tought
Said and done in my possessed reality