Of light and dark

The universe
is it self aware
can you call it God
All light will die eventually.
The eternal darkness is the only truth.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Is the onlyt truth of mankind.
It was said in the beginning
Let there be light.
Light with it's billion forms.
Forms all we know.
Darkness unformed.
Darkness with depth unfathomable.
Time eternal
Light is the obsession of the dark.
The dark is the truth,
But light is the obsession of the dark soul.
The light with it's myriad forms
The dark is th truth.
In the eternal depth
something stirred.
Like oil or diamond is created in the earth
By greath pressure
so it was when darkness opened it's eyes
and knew it was.
And then it's magnificent obsession, light.
Let there be light, with it's myriad forms.
Forever the obsession and desire of the dark night.