Once Again

Once again you broke my heart, and left me bleeding.
Once again you went behind my back, thinking I never know.
Once again you broke all the promises you given me.
And once again you say your sorry.

Once again I forgive you, even though the pain is killing me.
Once again I ask you why, but you don’t know.
Once again I tell you that next time I will leave you.
And once again I hear you tell me that this will never happen again.

Once again we start to build up what we had, thinking this time it’s for real.
Once again we make love, and we are close again.
Once again we pretend that nothing happened.
And once again we try to forget what you did.

Once again I am the one standing with all the pain.
Once again I cry when you don't see me.
Once again I try to understand why you keep hurting me.
And once again I tell you how I really feel:
I’m still in love with you honey!