Regain And Refresh.

(Jörgen Jansson)

This battle is fighting me back
Can’t take another poisoned arrow
I’m protecting the little love I’ve got
Can’t wait for a final breakdown
Don’t wanna be the victim of love’s lust
Don’t need an anaesthetic injection
My blood belongs to the lady who swore
I need her badly now for shore

Regain and refresh, I’ve got to get my strength
What’s it gonna be my love, you ore she?
Regain and refresh, I’ve got to get to my senses
The bridge over is free, she’s calling me

I’m fooling my opponent like I used to
In all the other long drawn out wars before
Got myself a few cuts in the swordsdance
Got to confirm I walked on a very thin line
Sensation came right after the pain
I will heal once again for another lifetime
I’m the rightful winner, the tamer of the shrew
The king of liability, you know my love

Regain and refresh, that’s what this soldier is supposed to do
What’s it gonna be my love, will you save me to live life free?
Regain and refresh, It’s your decision, you’ve got the answer
The fight isn’t over for me, oh my love she holds the key

Please dear, hope that God restore me
I shall never ask this question again
Behind these bars I can see what’s coming
The redhot line in the dirt, it’s coming fast
If I keep on following it we can make it happen
Start up to regain and refresh the sick society
I’m beginning to pick it up again
This is the ultimate rebound

Regain and refresh, at last I raised again, I’m determent I must be free
It makes it perfectly clear what an asylum will bring you for the fight
Regain and refresh, sisters and brothers, together we can find the key
If the sun and the moon will talk to us, as we like, we can strike tonight