Sweet You

I'm tired of lying about you
I'm tired of hiding the truth about me
I’m sick of thinking
Just let me tell the truth once for all
I need you in my life
Like i never needed anyone
Than you my sweet love
The sun have not always shine over us but now it does
My sweet love
Take me to your paradise
I want to dance away the rain from my sad eye’s
I need your love
Baby let me hold you in those rainy days
Sadness are gone when i’m with you
Cookie love
When you breathe on me it feels like spring air
Love is all around us
My old bad life is over now
When i have you
No more sorrow around me
Just let me taste you like i taste a cookie
Cherry are you
Lime cola feel my lips
Suck it up
That’s all you
I don’t need no other taste than you
Let me hold your hand while i’m walking away from my fantasies