The liquid of truth

come, come , come again
come and find me now
or when the leaves turn yellow
let all of the creatures know
we will smell the earth together
when we slowly walk through the city
when I don't avert my eyes
you know my love is real
and there is no turning back.

We are in the market
I know you were touched
who would go to such lengths
for one such as you.
Who would pay such a price
to save a wretch like me

When I was young
my father used to tell me
Fight son, fight to your last drop of blood.
I guess he had to live up to those words.
Be careful what you say.
Unless your wish is to die with honor
like an áncient warrior.
Even if no one else will know.

There is no reason to tease.
Everyones' s got their reasons.
No player in theis game that i know
no player that i can call friend
is evil
though that don't mean
they can't bite you a wound you'll remember.