The living Undead

I am the living undead
Walking the earth without feelings to shed.
My mind is broken, shattered to bits
But nobody sees that from where they sit.
I want to lash out, explain how i feel
Instead im here, with my feelings concealed.
Everything is empty, from body to head
Except from soddom to whom im forever wed.
My relations in life, have all end up torn
From the moment my feelings died out as stillborn.
I cant carry on, my whole being says no
With this plague in my head, why cant i let it go.
Why me of all mankind
God, what have i done!
To deserve my psyche confined
To a life of pain, denied of all fun.
My words have no power
Of that i am sure.
They could aswell be a bag of flour
Why, oh why cant i find a cure.
To help me lift this terrible curse
To heal i need a miracle, not just a nurse
But all of this, is just my wish
Before i lose control of myself.
And walk to my grave, get crashed with a squish.
And become one of earth itself.
I am the living undead, a dead man on earth
Without feelings to shed, without any worth