God's enchanted child

“My son…he is born, finally! I have finally found my true identity. He’s the one the world has been waiting for. The shining star over my stable stands for that. He is god’s son.”

Three wise men came riding on their camels out of the dark desert. The star over the stable had cought their interest and they had now brought gifts to the blessed newborn child.

“I can see him” One of them wisperd as the looked though the stablewindow, standing on his camels bump. “I can see him lying in there, peacefully…”

They knocked at the stabledoor. A man opened. He welcomed them and asked them to please, come in. The wise men stepped indoors. A woman were sitting beside the child’s cribb.

“How can we help you three wise men?” The man asked and sat down beside the women, who now sang a quiet song for the little baby.

“We come from near and far, and we’ve brought gifts for the blessed little one.”

Joseph, the father of the child opened his arms to the wise men. “We can not accept them, without giving something back.” The three wise men smiled and said to Joseph. “Oh, but you have given us the most elegant gift of all, A baby boy who will free our people from slavery and madness.”

Maria, the mother of the newborn brust out in tears. “Thank you, thank you!”

The wise men gave them their gifts and said to Joseph and Maria: “What will you name this blessed child?”

Joseph opened his mouth but Maria interrupted him: “Jesus christ, what are we going to name him?…”, they all thought hard. The first of the wise men scratched his head and the second walked back and fourth, the third sunk down on a little stool. Joseph said: “He must give him a worthy name, which such a difficult task”.

After a long time of serious thinking, they gave up and went to bed. Joseph and Maria slept beside the donkey on the hay, and the three wise men slept outdoors togheter with their camels. Maria couldn’t sleep, and she sat down beside the cribb. The little boy turned in his blanket.

During the time Maria watched her baby she wittnessed the wonderful angel Gabriel appear. He spoke to her in wise words. “Your son shall be named Jesus, and he will free thee people”

Maria went to bed.

When the cock crowed outside the stablewindow, the three wise men, Joseph, Maria and the baby sat down at the little table to eat breakfast togheter. Maria told them about the angel in the night. Joseph dropped the coffecup. “Jesus,” he said and got to his feet. “He shall be named Jesus Christ, for he is the son of the allmighty, God.”

The three wise men clapped their hands and the first one said: “He will be baptised in the river, when he is one month old, by the baptist Johannes.” Joseph took Jesus in his arms and kissed his forhead. “Jesus, my son” He said. “Jesus, my soooon.”

Jesus was baptisted as told by Johannes, and the romour about Jesus was spread and all over the world, people were happy and thanked God who had given him his son.

This was the story about god’s enchanted child. Jesus helped many people and he had pupils who loved him very much, but It was later one of those, Judas who decided to betray Jesus, by kissing him and throwing him to the soldiers, who didn’t like Jesus talk about god. Jesus was cruisified, died, lived again, and then died a second time, when he flew to heaven.

Meanwhile, In heaven, the Angel Gabriel had made popcorn and God and the angels watched Jesus being baptised.

They lived happily ever after!

The End