Kazonda-first draft

The kingdoms:
Nam and Emet was founded at the same time by two lords who had become allied in battle, Diamrez and Agrel. They took the word truth in both their languages and named their kingdoms Emet and Nam. At some point, it is not sure when, orchs invaded the part of Emet closest to Nam. Before anyone realised what had happened they had taken full control over the area between the kingdoms. This area which was from the beginning a part of Emet was now renamed by the two kingdoms into Met which means death.
Nam: is now ruled by king Athos of the castle Agrel. This land consists mostly of mountains and the castle is built surrounded by cliffs.
Emet: is now ruled by king Zelt of the castle Diamrez. This land consists mostly of forest and rivers.
Met: is the area where cliffs and forest meets. It is ruled by leaderless orcs who lives like wild animals and kills anything or anyone who passes through their forest.
Nam and Emet are now in constant battle against the orchs who tries desperately to gain more land through attacks against the people in the two kingdoms.

Important names in Nam:
Agrel: the founder, allied and friend to the founder of Emet.
Athos: the present ruler. Close friend to Zelt ruler of Emet. Dies in an orch attack.
Atheas: oldest son of Athos. Has been betrothed to Kazonda, daughter of Zelt, since they were both children, the two have never met. Rides out alone to revenge his father. Never returns. Has sent message to Emet for people to take his younger brother Adeon to safety.
Adeon: youngest son of Athos. Supposed to be saved by Diam when his older brother doesn’t return.
Arxes: young magician at Agrel. Best friend of Atheas. Secret lover of Kazonda. Has sworn to protect her if Atheas doesn’t return.
Jareth: Arxes horse.

Important names in Emet:
Diamrez: founder of Emet and friend and allied to Agrel.
Zelt: present ruler. Sick and weakened of grief after loosing his oldest son and also his wife in an orch attack.
Kendra: wife of Zelt. Died in an orch attack.
Zendar: oldest son of Zelt. Died in orch attack.
Diam: youngest son of Zelt. Named after the founder of Emet but his name is also an act of respect towards the people of Nam. His name is old Namic for sparkle. Dies in orch attack on his way to save Adeon. When the king becomes ill he has to take the place as ruler. still when it comes to bigger decisions, king Zelt is still consulted.
Kazonda: youngest child and only daughter of Zelt. Betrothed to Atheas. In love with Arxes. Have not met either of them. When she has come of age she is allowed to write to her betrothed. Doing this she realises that she is not interested in Atheas. Arxes falls in love with her letters to Atheas when he reads them loud to his master. He begins to write to her. Sending the letters to her by night with the help from his owl. Takes her brothers place in the quest to save Adeon. Arxes is travelling from Agrel with Adeon to meet her in a forest not yet under orch control.
Zenedy: Kazondas horse. Is left at Diamrez so that Zelt won’t realize that his son is dead and not his daughter. Zenedy is the foal of Jareth given to Kazonda as a gift from her betrothed.

Kazondas story:
Since she was born she has been betrothed to Atheas, son of Athos king of Nam. Kazondas homeland and Nam has for a long time been at war with the orchs in the land Met between the two kingdomes. This makes travelling between the two kingdoms very dangerous. Because of this Kazonda has never seen har betrothed or the country in which she will live.
Vice men tell the kings that the war will last for another three years.
When Kazonda becomes of age she is allowed to send letters to her betrothed by doves. After a few letters she realise that Atheas is not very interested in her and she now turns her love to the young magician Arxes who sends her secret letters by night with his owl.
The orchs attack Nam and kills the eveybody at the castle accept for Adeon, Atheas and Arxes. Atheas becomes mad and rides out to revenge his fathers death. before he leaves he sends a letter to Zelt asking him to send someone to save his younger brother.
King Zelt sends his son Diam to Nam. before her brother leaves Kazonda recives a letter from Arxes. Informing her that Atheas never returned. She now decides to follow her brother. On the way to Nam is Diam attacked by orchs and all of the men from Emet, including Diam, are killed. Kazonda now sends Zenedy back to her fathers kingdom with the message that she is dead and takes her brothers place to find Adeon. In a letter to Arxes she begs him to take Adeon to a forest about half way between the kingdoms and meet her there.

('prolog' till kommande novell)