Let me do the Stabbing

But she was beautiful, red lips, blonde hair and freckles. I had never seen her before, that’s why I was so surprised when I found her lying in a corner. She was lying on the floor in a fetus position sobbing loudly.
She looked up at me and the sobbing stopped. She looked like a deer when it first notices you, just looking at you for a couple of seconds before escaping in to the woods.
But this girl had no escape route; she was trapped in this corner. She held her breath for a while and then exhaled as slow and quiet as she could.

I fell in love with her when our eyes met. I let my eyes journey down her body. She had nice hips, not much for breasts, but I didn’t care. I did not care how she looked because I loved her with my whole heart.
Even though we just met, I had never met anyone like her before in my life. And ever though we never talked, she was the most fun, interesting and sweet person I ever talked to.

I wanted to grow old with this woman; I wanted this woman to give birth to all my children. Then we would buy a house, a dog, a car, a private tennis court and a pool.
And I would have been the father I was meant to be, treating my kids with respect, making other kids jealous of my kids because of their awesome fucking dad.

I think the fellas realized this, because they let me do the stabbing.