My guardian angel (kort novell)

I walked down the street on that rainy sundayevening. It was cold and so dark you could hardly see a few inches ahead. The only light that shone was the old-fashion streetlights. The light gave the housecorners spooky shadows.
As I walked through the park I heard footsteps in the distance. I looked around but couldn´t see anyone. Then the clouds cracked up an the moon appeared. And I saw him standing beside a big oaktree.
He was wearing a grey coat and his long black hair laid sharp against his white skin. On his back he had two gigant wings.
- What took you so long? he asked as I came closer.
I couldn´t answer him.
- You´re such a lucky girl, he said. Nice friends, a nice family, a nice job, a nice appartment and above all you are so pretty. Nothing ever happens to you. You always win at the lottery and the sun always shines when you´re on vaccation.
As he spoke, I noticed his wings were dirty and some feathers were missing.
- Thanks to me, your life is a dream to live.
He took a few steps towards me.
- What do you want? I asked.
- It´s time for me to get paid for my effords...