The grain of sand that became the doom of a world

In the heart of the land Rowdail the darkness lies like a heavy cloak over the houses, hills, the woods and little lakes. Little do the people there know that this night will be their last and that light will never touch their land again. Inside all kinds of houses people are laughting, crying, fighting with eachother or just sitting alone and thinking about the world and what it has come to. Little do these people know that it's their last chance to do everything they ever wantad. But probably, it's for the best. What good would it do them if they knew? Some would spend time with their family, or tell that special someone what they truly feel. Maybe something they would never have dared to do before. But surely, some would go insane and try to do everything they could to try to protect themselves, allthough they didn't know against what. Some wouldn't beleive it, and just go about their lives as usually, as if they didn't know. Some would cry all night, until the world ended. They would feel terror the last hours of their lives. And what good would that do?
The hour of doom draves closer.
A lonely drunkard strides along the streets, not knowing where he's heading, and not really caring either.
A girl cryes into the darkness, raising a high-pitched scream. She wants nothing but to die. And die she shall.
A woman is getting beat by her husband, when trying to protect her children from his mad rage. She will soon die, by his hand and doing. Little does she know that he shall soon pay for his horrible crimes. She draves a last breath and falls down in front of her children, who thinks she has fallen asleep. Little do they know she has just escaped a fait much worse than death.
The hour of doom draves closer yet.
From the sky falls a grain of sand.
When it silently touches the ground, the world is no more. It's over, gone, and will never return.

On the planet of Giorklop a little boy is sitting on the beach. He concentrates on a grain of sand, and makes it go into the air, simply by thinking it shall. He presses his mind further, and makes it go high, over the clouds. He can't see it, but he can sense it, all the way up there. Then he presses to the very edge of his power, and the grain of sand shoots away with incredible speed. It goes through space, on and on, until it touches ground again. But this time on another planet. And this time it invokes the profecy of old. This time it becomes the doom of a world it never knew. A world it never belonged to. A world it did not wish to see.

That one, simple grain of sand.

A grain of sand.
And all those lives.
It never even knew it took them.