The life of a circus monkey

The night were ghastly and cold. The monkey was old and had lived a hard life, yet he still remembered how happy he had been back in Mexico, with all the other Spider monkeys. He was tormented when he remembered how the men who worked with the circus had succeeded to capture him. He was ripped from his friends, family and his natural environment, and went to being forced to go from city to city, entertaining children and stressed adults. He knew that the weird-smelling, noisy city he was in now, was called New York city – he overheard conversation about the city between some of the circus employees. He didn’t know anything about the city, and frankly, he was scared. But this city somehow captured his interest, and he started dreaming about how it would be if he could just tore his cage apart and run away from this miserable circus.

The monkey had fallen asleep, but woke up to something that can’t be described as something other than a riot. The little monkey was more distressed and confused than ever before, but it didn’t take long until he realized that it had happened something in his circus tent. Not on the street, not in the other tent, not in the circus employee area – no, something happened in his tent, with all the animals. The monkey realized that this was a golden occasion for running away from the cage that restrained him from being free. The monkey didn’t have time to think any more of it, because suddenly, the cage rolled around from its place in a dark corner, and someone opened the door. He heard voices saying that they were taking the monkey, and he realized that is was one of the circus employees. The truth was that the employees underestimated him: they thought he was too old and tired to escape. But the little Spider monkey swiftly swinged himself from a lamp in the tent opening to a beam holding up the tent. From above, he saw that there was an escaped horse that had started to panic. The monkeys escape had happened so quickly, that he didn’t have had time to think about it. But suddenly it came to his mind, that he was actually free. He was free from his cage, free from going from city to city, entertaining children and stressed adults.