~The story about Olivia~

This year winter came late. There was no snow at Christmas and the weather was warmer than usual. Olivia woke up late one morning and looked out of the window.

Then suddenly she heard a noise. It was a shot and a scream.
She ran out of her bedroom and down the stairs.
She saw the neighbour running away out of the house and her parents laying on the floor.
She knelt down and tried to talk to them.
“Mom, dad? Can you hear me?
They didn’t answer. She saw blood pooring down their heads.
The mother wore high heels and the neightbour had stabbed it in to her throat.
She tried to call 911 but her phone was out of battery.
Olivia got scared, took her jacket and ran out of the house.
She ran until her small feet couldn’t bring her any further.
Olivia tripped on a rock and fell down on the ground crying her eyes out.
Then she heard voices, but she didn’t care anymore, she was to sad to care about anything.

A group of boys apeard.
They started kicking her.
“Give me your money you little b**ch!” the leader of the group shouted.
They punched her in the face, dragged her jacket off and stomped it in mud.
They then left her crying with nothing but a tank top and dirty pants.
Olivia cried herself to sleep…
She never woke up again, she drowned alone in the mud.