you Have To Kill To Stay In Life

Hes eyes is strength and respectfull.he looks arund.White snow, is the only he can see.Silence, is the only he can here.But he nows, hes not alone.he rises upp.ears, on the high top, lissening to every sound he can here.silence.but with strong instincst he haft then he was born, he nows there is an other predator here.hes blues eyes lokking after the smallest moving.slow he start to moving forvard.he start to run.the fear takes over, and he now can here saunds.they ara after him.he speed up, and hope they vil give up.but they not.he runs, faster and faster.he get tired, but kep on running.hes breath is heavy and the paws is blood is painting all white.The fotprints is red of blood and heas marks is easy to track.The eyes that shining of life an victory is now tired and hopeless.hes running for hes life, cause he nows that he cant winn this fight.he feels the death puffing in hes neck.her legs shaking of the effort, and he is breathless.he falls, and he nows the ending is nere.he howls and try to stand up.but the pack of wolfs has alredy surround him.he growls and shows the theeth.the leader of the pack howling and the pack of wolfs is over him.he try to fight them, but its worhrtless.kill or being killed, is the Wolfs laws.He nows it was an misstake, to try to go in to an new territory.But now its to late.

it is the wolfs laws.kill, or being killed.
is the gods law.