Tharok (some emotional lyrics about the planet I am writing about in my novel)

Returning to the feeling of awe.
Returning to the vastness of space and to my homeworld Tharok,
to the great city Kaizrah in the mountains of Siphonia,
to the deep forests of Barynia,
to Durakhia the land of ice and snow,
to the black sand shores of Khatam.

Over the dreamy sea to the sunken island Aztariah...
Over the calm turqoise waters to the paradise island Tamaria...
Over the dark stormy waves to the black sand island Khatam...
Yes, over the depths to the Three Towers of Tharok.

They came from an other dimension. Why they had come to this world very few knew. What one surely could know is that when they landed on Tharok nothing became as it was before.

To be continued...