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8 Roses- 1 life

 Get up early in morning

Working hours 02.30-06.00

7 days working

Types of distribution
6.Conmunity information
7.Free supplymentary paper

Types of districts

1.Villa only
2.Apartment only (with or without lifts)

Types of weather

1.Beautiful spring mornings with trees and plants green again and chirping birds.
2.Occasional windy mornings with incessant heavy showers .
3.Warm & bright summer mornings.
4.The rough autumn winds and dropping temperature.
5.The incessant autumn rains , with or without wind , very rare hailstorms
6.The below zero temperature with slippery ice roads.
7.The snowy dark winter monings with below -10C temperature with crystallised trees .
8.The stormy and snowy winter morning.

Do I see a future
I have worked really hard tp get bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronic Enginnering . It breaks my heart and my soul to work a job that is far away from my education. But I want to find a better job as a Technical Consultant.

Appeal :
Help me find a job. So that I can serve you better with the skills I have.

Skriven av: Matt Larsson


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