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A year full of seasons (played according to your mood)

## summer ##
living in the land of everlasting summer
running and laughing and chasing eachother
your hair is golden and dancing in the wind,
the voice of summer, where love is king

ref light
hope is never shallow in the sea of love,
dive, and you'll never see the sky above.
swimming in a dream, a longing for peace
that grasping for hope, that's what love is.

## autumn ##
a seed of doubt is planted in my heart
i really thought, we would never part
sweetness in bitterness, its all a lie
i dont want to hate you, i dont want to cry.

ref darkness
in the darkest hour of the night,
i can't sleep, but longing for light.
im floating away, i've learned to hate.
you were my dream, now im awake.

## winter ##
darkness swallows me, my only embrace
all hope is gone, but not your face.
im in the woods, i've lost my way home
i might as well just die here alone.

ref darkness

## spring ##
a seed of hope stirs in my dying heart
a map of love, somewhere to start
i want to trust you, but how can i know
that i'll find you at the end of the rainbow.

ref light

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