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Se as i walk in his steps im coming closer to death
imagine myself flying over oceans with a last breath

i try hard to not cry
why i
bury my feelings inside
all i had was a feeling of pride

im as dead as a circle of lies
and i despise my own poems when i use rhymes
im loosing time define living in a mind
i survived and kept asking the Question why

im circling in my own maze...
im amazed these days
the only thing on my brain is how people can live in this phase

get me out of they're reality
insanity im glad to be me
but im as shaped as society..

so i despise every human life that live alike
im living to fight every second bringing light into the night

reckless im stress less chasing my shadow
life is my battle with emotions of depression that i cant handle

i succeed in my inner ways my sinner days has gone away so i strive to make people like me alive in an inner place

there was i time when i could kill a man
but killing is what makes a soldier a hero and even a better man understand?

ignorant people follow ignorant words
controlled by the media living life as a blur

god breaks bread i break myself from the humanity
id rather die than follow your beliefs its pure insanity

K-I/Om livet upprepas så repar jag livet!

Skriven av: kevelaiza


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