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By Jack_White ~~fuck you all and your shit and your lies and your women standing fat by the stove while the grease in the frying pan moans like a dog and the tv shit shows the same junk it´s been showing Before. Oh so man fuck you all, and I wanna sit by a Bonfire and Watch the stars and see them fall, like fire burning, Always burning, and fuck you for pointing me out and hurting me with your Words like projectiles...fuck you ALL why did you do it?? SATANIC FUCK YOU ALL OF YOU I wanna sit on a HD in the desert and be nothing and infinite. Let me lie on my back in the Woods and be..infinite. Watch the moon rise and fall and sun set and my footsteps in the sand match my companions...angel. After Angelus. Stone in my hand and feathers in the dim stone, green with seaweed and green Days at sea. I never saw a moor, and I Always hold the frail flower looking out the window dim light from the club outside. Vague memories.... holding on. Keep moving on.

jag älskar litteratur, film, poesi, musik, det övernaturliga och skräck. Jag tror på myter, legender och urban legends.
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Anders Berggren

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