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In Anas name

please dear, don’t let me hear
i miss my bones, just like you
i’m in the dome without a clue.
Why am i like this, not even alive
i’m just a soul out of advice.
My only wish is to be free
but not like the natures tree.

I’m not a girl, not a boy
not even a soul with joy.
Is this a nightmare or is it just me
that have to beware of what i could be.
My brain is half, my body intact
please no graph. this is only an act.

Mirror Mirror on the wall
I see clear like a ball.
No food, no candy
just bad mood, but this is handy.

I miss Ana, i miss her so much
Not gonna eat, not even a touch.
She told me to starve, i felt so faint
the only i carve is the used paint.

Ana is gone, i don’t know how
it’s dawn, and i look like a cow.
I’m in hospital, she took my life
it’s logical i’m here, i had the knife.

Now i’m alive, i’m finally free
i dive it in, the bottomless sea.
I miss my home but not the life,
they have the gnome, instead of the wife.

En ungdom som nyss börjat skriva dikter angående vad som händer i mitt huvud
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En kvinna mitt i livet som lever med psykisk ohälsa. Har så länge jag kan minnas använt skrivandet som min terapi. Varje fredag kommer jag även att publicera mina fredagstankar, där jag bollar mina…


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