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Its the small things that truly matters

The instant one gives up, that is when it all ends.

Do not let it matter what kind of being you are.
Do not let it matter what pressures others put on you.
Continue to wish for that which your heart truly desires.
Even small things can matter.

A smile.

A gaze.

A touch.

Even those small significant things can turn into something important.
Remember these things, and continue to believe.

Even if you loose that very important person,
continue to believe in those small things.
Its not in anyones power to bring the dead back to life.
Not even the ones we call gods.

And because our time is limited...
you have to give everything you have,
and live for those things you believe in.
Those who pass into the world of the dead will never again return.
As with the flame, nothing caught up in the flow of time will ever be repeated.

Everything changes.

Nothing changes back.

Skriven av: Smear-Sama


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