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Love at first sight

Love at first sight
God only knows the way that I miss you. I tell him each night, how I feel when I kiss you.
Let my words linger true, explicit, and pure, how else am I even supposed to endure.

My hands feel so empty, they grasp in despair. Please lend me a smile and a touch of your hair.
I beg of you love, you have to believe me, I cant trust my eyes, I think they decieve me.
The way that you look, are truly amazing with lips made for mine, and eyes that are blazing.

I must let you know, I have a confession. Madly in love, you are my obsession.
I stand right before you, just the way I was made.
Exposed and aroused, I so wish that you stayed.

Some people say love, at first sight cant be real. But i know for sure, how i honestly feel. Just follow your heart, take care of each sign, and one day our stars, in the sky may align.

Skriven av: Micke


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