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My tears are rain

The sky suddenly became gray,pressured on my shoulder.
I don't want to go through the exit you gave me.
Lying down trying to understand the shapes of the gray clouds.
It seems like they have something to say,but they're silent.
Will we end up like that?
Oh baby, stressed to the end.
Becoming winds blowing in separate ways.
My tears are like rain,secretly raging.
I believe that the sky is hurting too.
My tears are rain.wanting to drop.
But the floor is crowded with smiles,there's no space for me.
Something stop me from telling you.
And I regret that I dont tell you that I love ou.
Now you're leaving,left me behind.
The scarr in my heart slowly get hurt.
Inside my soul there is a black hole.
A hole that will never disappear

Skriven av: David_Broken_Love


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