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Nothing you have not seen before.

Nothing you have not seen before.
Interpret it as you wish. It can be understood by a father who brings up her child, a soldier who falls for a valiant attempt to save his country, or a woman who is admired out other women for what she has.
You want to convince yourself that it has flaws you fill up. To them, despite their country they defend, even though the families they have, money they have, then you are just as good.
The motto "everyone has equal value", it means the same thing now as a century ago when a life of luxury not offered. But succeed you?
Or is it you, just as you predicted, leaving the room with less self-esteem?
Nothing you have not seen before, those who pull you down are everywhere, and you are the same for someone else...

Skriven av: c-harlotte


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En kvinna mitt i livet som lever med psykisk ohälsa. Har så länge jag kan minnas använt skrivandet som min terapi. Varje fredag kommer jag även att publicera mina fredagstankar, där jag bollar mina…


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