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Silent screams

silent screams

there she sits, down on bare knees
with her hands put tightly together
setting her hopes to an almighty essence
which she doesn't even think exists

with her mouth wide open
and eyes closed hard
she can't stop wondering
is there a saviour?

she screams

a fragile angel with broken and glued-on wings
is laying in bed, when the silence suddenly is disturbed
the door creak fades and the cover is pulled shut

monsters underneath your bed
monsters in your closet
monsters in your nightmares
a monster on your bedside
closing in

a sweet angel caressed with greasy fingers
admires and despises the thief of her dreams
sees only one ending now, unbuttoned

a monster taking it too far
too close

when I'll lay me down to sleep
I'll pray the lord my soul to keep
I'll weep into the deep of night
will I be saved ‘til morning light?

the light on your bedside table went out last night
the shadows on your walls crawled back into the dark

it was the darkest room
revealing only one small figurine
the only thing we could see
were a lonely girl
sitting in the bedroom corner, shaking
in a desperate try to keep the evil away
she put her little hands over her ears
to no good
her mouth formed words
not a sound got past her lips

an angel with tears rolling down the cheeks
holding The Blade and cries out for rest
the surface in the tub turns to colour red

monsters underneath your bed (no more)
monsters in your closet (no more)
monsters in your nightmares (no more)
a monster left behind, far behind
all monsters, all gone

fallen angel, spread your wings
you are finally free,
no more torment
no more misery

got nothing left to do but saying goodnight


Skriven av: Jimmy Berestål


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