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Unconditional love

First you don’t think about it. You grow up not even knowing the meaning of it or that it even exists. You take it for granted. Then we all reach a point where we realise that we desperately need it and simply can’t live without it. Suddenly it’s all we can think about. We seek acceptance. We seek the heat and wildness like of an flickering candle. We search for that rush in our blood that makes our head foggy and the feeling of our heartbeat quickening. Some says this is the meaning of life. To feel the same force that makes the roots of trees linger underneath the ground. A purpose to be able to breath.
Someone once told me - do not cry for the leaves that fall from the trees for they have yet to fulfilled their purpose. Even though we fall we do not lose the capacity to grow. The light doesn't stop beaming when it gets dark. The heart doesn’t stop wanting what it wants. The peacefulness of a sleeping child's breathing or a loving mothers first touch with her newborn.
We crave unconditional love. I crave unconditional love.
- Ahns 2019-10-25

Skriven av: Ahns


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