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The green eyes of
the witch, who sits in a pentagram
at night and chants, and becomes a cat,
listens to meditation, the serpent, satanic
meditation. She is blackhaired, greeneyed
and beautiful in a way that makes men
nervous. She´s a dark dressed tattooed
witch, and a practitioner of the occult.
She sits with occult books and poems
and writes in the moonlight. In the window
is a shape, and her dreams are dark about
dimensions and rooms. Her nails are black
and her bracelets with spikes and her necklace
has a herb inside of it. She smells of opium,
smoked, and herbs and witches honey.
She has stareyes and green rockstar
dye in her hair. Her words are chanted
inside an apartment of a satanic
executed deathrow inmate. The wine is drunk
and the music plays and the stars on the ceiling glow.
She has a tattoo of a snake around her wrist.
Around her waist is the astrological signs.
She sits naked in her room, and cuts and lets the blood
drip into a chalice. And closes her eyes and sings.

jag älskar litteratur, film, poesi, musik, det övernaturliga och skräck. Jag tror på myter, legender och urban legends.
Sofia Hellgren är medlem sedan Sofia Hellgren har 10 publicerade verk


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