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2017 and Me

2017 And Me

It’s sunny today in New York, the toxic clouds sweeps over the top of the skyscrapes, luckily these clouds are relatively harmless. Some were not as fortunate over at Little Italy where a foul toxic rain fell upon the citizens last week, about 150 people died and over 500 injured and brought to the nearest hospital. And as time...

-Mr.Lawrence? says the secretary as she knocks rapidly three times and finishes with one big knock almost crushing the door down.

-Mr.Lawrence are you in there? I’ve got todays mail, she said. You could barely hear her voice, it sounded like if someone actually sat on her.

-Yes Louise? I answered with a clear loud voice.

-Mr.Lawrence, may I come in please? She said while scratching the door briefly.

-Oh yes, I’m sorry Louise, you may enter. I answered.

-I’ve brought todays mail, she said, while showing a very subtle smile as if she was secretaly satisfied.

-Thank you very much Louise, i’ll ring you if I need anything.

As she exits I find myself slightly humbled as I find through my pile of business letters a letter named “ To martin, my old bestfriend”.
I read it through carefully.

“ Dear Lawrence.

As I sit here on my deathbed at New Yorks State hospital, unable to move, I stumble upon old memories. Skipping school, chasing girls, playing football, I miss those times Lawrence, life is so cruel and harsh at times, I wish it weren’t.

Now let’s not get depressed, I’ve had good things happen to me aswell. I guess there has to be some kind of balance?

So what became of you Lawrence? I heard something about you being the boss over some company called “Introtech”, what’s that all about friend? I thought acting was your kind of thing, judging from the old days anyway.
Is there a Mrs.Lawrence or perhaps a young Lawrence?

Give me your lifestory old friend, I need something interesting to read other than all of these unpersonal fashion/gossip magazines.

/Yours Sincerely, Martin”

All excited of hearing from my best friend I quickly bring fourth a bundle of paper. I should ring Louise and make sure that none will bother me for the rest of this day.

-Louise, cancel all meetings for today, and I want no phonecalls either, I shall be quite busy.

-Ok Mr.Lawrence, she answers.

“ Dear Martin.

It makes me smile to hear from you again, it has been so long since we’ve last spoken.

I do not know excactly how to write, for words on text does not serve you just. What is this illness you speak of? And how long do you have left?

You asked me about Introtech, yes I am the “boss” here. We supply the city with fusion energy, the process is too complicated to be written.

I did continue with my acting, but it didn’t go the way I expected so that dream has been put in the freezer. Oh how I remember the good old days in high-school...You mentioned family...”

Damn this pen! It’s out of ink, it’s 2017 and we’re still using ink!? I have to get to that hospital!

I rush out the building, I am on my way to meet my one and only bestfriend. What is his illness, was he a victim of the toxic rain?

/Skriven av: William Flink 2007, 05 - 27

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Skriven av: William Flink


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