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Bonnie wee Blossom

Bonnie wee blossom
Long long time ago. There was a woman who was called `` Oxeye Daisy´´ and ``Bonnie wee blossom´´.
That wasn't her real name but the called her that because they didn't know her real name. She lived in a smal village in a pink house surrounded by white flowers. The house was quite smal, infact it had only two rooms and a kitchen.

This story is how she got the name of a flower......

It al started when she was aboute three years old. She came home with tears in her eyes and she was al covered in leafs and grass.
She told her mother that she had looked in to a garden by the library and saw a little boy playing in the garden surrounded by the most beautifull flowers and trees, It was like heaven.
And she told her mother that she tried to talk to the boy and ask him if he lived there. But the boy did not answere. Then she saw a bright light. And there infront of here stod God!

And he told her that she was going to make a decision to save the world. God told her that she had two choices, If she picks one of the two choices she saves the world. And if she takes the other upportunity she saves her future child the child she saw playing in the garden.

Her mother told her that it just was a dream,but the little girl told her mother that it wasn't a dream,that she knew it was true.
the years whent by and she grew older and still beliving what she saw was not a dream that i was true.

Then one day when she just had heard that she was wating a child, there was a birght light and there shined the same man who had visited her many years ago.
And he said that the time was in to make that choice.
She knew that she must save the world and give her child to God.
And then she told him that she wanted him to tell her child in heaven that she loved him and never wanted to give him away.
Then God was gone and she didin't have a child any more.

To let her child i heaven know that she loved him and wished that he was there, she planted lots of flowers in her garden.
The same flowers that she saw in the dream so many years ago.

Skriven av: heatherwallace


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