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“Schrrch!!” The sound of the gravel woke me up. Our old silver-coloured car had just entered the path leading up to our new house. “We're here!”, mom screamed excitedly. “Look, this is the new house! Isn't it great?”. I sighed. I didn't want to live here, in Connecticut. I wanted to go home to Los Angeles where all my friend were. Where my whole life was. Just because dad had gotten a new job out here we all had to move. I was so angry, how could they do this to me? They knew I was super happy with how things were, why did they have to mess that up? Anyway, it is what it is. I opened the car door and stepped out of the car. My thin legs almost bended from me being still in the car for so long. I had to grab the car in order to maintain balance. “Lucas, come on, let's take a look inside” Mom almost ran up the concrete stairs that led up to the ugly red door. I didn't understand why she was so happy about us moving here. I followed her slowly and eventually I reached the door as well. Dad was still by the car getting out the bags. Mom opened the door and went inside. After I had entered, she showed me around the whole house. It was nothing special really, just a regular house. I was at least glad that it wasn't horrible. Lastly she showed me my room. It was upstairs, kind of shielded from the other rooms in the house. In the middle of the room was the bed, and by the big window was a desk. The room was very plain, with white walls and a simple lamp in the ceiling. After a few seconds of me looking around the room, mom started talking. “Why don't you start unpacking, remember you are starting at your new school tomorrow.” “Okay”, I said softly. Mom left me and I closed the door after her and sat down on my bed. Right. School. I had almost forgot.

“Hi. Im Lucas. I'm new here.” The woman in the reception looked up at me. “Oh right, the new student.” She gave me my schedule and my locker number and combination. “Thanks”. I looked at the schedule. My first lesson was advanced biology. Biology had always been my favourite subject, it was the only class I actually looked forward to in my previous school. I left the room and started trying to find the classroom. The hallway was full of people. I could see a group of girls whispering and giggling, looking at something. I turned my head and saw three guys joking around and pushing each other a little. They must be the popular guys. “I swear they are in the football team”, I thought to myself. I continued walking, and when I walked past the three guys, I got eye contact with one of them. He was tall and muscular, unlike me who was kind of thin, and had light brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes. He smiled at me, and I smiled back. The other two guys noticed. “Dude what are you doing? You look like a fag” Said one of them to him. The two guys started laughing. The smile on the boy with the beautiful hazel eyes disappeared. “HaHa you're so funny” He said sarcastically and they all continued with what they were doing. I started walking again, wanting to leave the scene as quickly as possible.

I finally arrived at the classroom. Now I was feeling really nervous. I inhaled deeply and knocked on the door. After a few seconds, a female teacher opened the door. “Hi! You must be Lucas, come on in.” She smiled. My nervousness lightened a little, but it came right back when I walked into the classroom and saw literally everyone staring at me. All I could see was twenty judgemental eyes. “Begin by introducing yourself”, the teacher said with a kind voice. My heart started beating really fast. I didn't like the attention. “Uhm, hi I'm Lucas. I just moved here from Los Angeles with my mom and dad.” “Okay Lucas, why don't you take a seat.”, the teacher said and moved her arm to indicate where I could sit. I walked over to my seat looking down at my well worn black sneakers the whole time. I didn't want to look at anyone. Just a few seconds after I had sat down, a finger touched my shoulder repeatedly. I turned around and saw a friendly face looking at me. “Hi. I'm Madison, but you can call me Maddie!” I was kind of surprised that someone talked to me, but I was glad. “I know what it's like being the new kid, come on, sit with me”, she said and waved her hand towards the chair next to her. “Okay, thanks.” I went over to the chair and sat down. Maybe I would be able to get some friends after all.

School had just ended, and I was walking by the school yard on my way to my bike. That's when I saw the three boys I had seen earlier. They were having football practice. Just like I thought. I laughed a little to myself. I looked at the boy with the beautiful hazel eyes. I saw the outlines of his muscles through his shirt. I didn't realise I was staring until he looked at me. I quickly looked away and kept walking towards my bike. I hopped on and went home.

“Hi honey! How did school go?” I could hear mom's squeaky voice from the kitchen. “It was fine”. “Well, did you make some new friends?” “I talked a little with a girl.” “Oh a girl!” Mom sounded eager. “Mm”, I said and then went up the stairs and entered my room. I knew that if I stayed, mom wouldn't stop talking and asking questions. I put on my headphones and laid down on my bed, closing my eyes. I turned on the music and drifted away to my own thoughts. I had always loved music.

“Dude, what the fuck” It took me a few seconds to realise what had happened. I looked up at the big built guy. “Watch where you're going!” He sounded really mad. I thought I could see his face turn a bit red. “Oh, uhm sorry”. Suddenly a warmth spread over my face. Then the pain started appearing. He had hit me. I touched my temple and then looked at my hand. It was red. His fist hit my face again, my chin this time. I started feeling a bit dizzy. “Hey, Anton, calm down!” It was the boy with the beautiful hazel eyes who had talked. “Are you okay?” He was talking to me this time, I don't know why, but that made me happy. Although I couldn't really get any words out, so he didn't get an answer. “Come on, I'll take you to the nurse”. He grabbed my back and put my arm around his neck. Then we started walking together. I hadn't realised this until now, but everyone in the corridor was staring at us. Almost at the nurse's office, he looked at me. “I'm Tyler by the way”. “ I'm Lucas”, I answered.

“Nurse's office”, the sign on the door said. Tyler knocked, but no one answered. “It seems she's not here.”. He looked as if he was thinking for a few seconds, then he seemed to have gotten an idea. “Let's go to a bathroom and I'll clean you up instead” “Okay, thanks.” He was so kind. I was still kind of shocked that he was helping me. I mean, why would one of the most popular guys at school even talk to me?
Tyler closed the door after us and locked it. “Damnit, the paper is out”, he said. Suddenly he just took off his white t-shirt. I couldn't help but stare at his gorgeous upper body. I started blushing. “Ehm what are you doing?”, I said in a surprised tone. Tyler laughed. Then he turned on the tap and soaked the shirt. He put it on my face and started wiping of the blood. “Oh”, I said and started laughing as well. But suddenly he looked more serious. “I'm really sorry about Anton.” “It's okay, it's not like it was your fault” “I know, I just-” We both looked into each other's eyes. An awkwardly long time passed. Then Tyler looked away and kind of snapped out of the moment, looking a little ashamed. “Uhm, well your face looks okay, there's no blood left at least. I should go” Then he just walked out and left.

I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened yesterday. Tyler and his beautiful hazel eyes staring into my blue ones. His good-looking face, his muscles… “Lucas. Hello, did you hear what I just said? Dylan said hi to me today!” Maddie's voice made me come back to reality. “Oh my god, Maddie, that's awesome.” “I know right? It's meant to be.” Maddie sounded extremely excited. I couldn't help but smile a little. Suddenly the bell rang. I followed Maddie out of the classroom. “Hey, Lucas, can i talk to you?” Tyler's voice surprised me. “Uhm, sure”. We started walking. “How's your face doing?” “It's okay, just a little sensitive.” “Good”. I noticed that being near Tyler made my heart beat faster, and it made me feel nervous. Did I like him? The thought confused me. “Well… I better get going then, football practice.” I was just about to ask him if he wanted to hang out when a girl came up to Tyler and kissed him.

Skriven av: Ella Gordin


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