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Far From Reality

As I looked out from my window a peaceful perspective came to shower me. I could see the meadow stretching far beyond what I had ever walked. Beyond the green and beautiful field was the sea. There it was, reflecting the sun rays almost blinding the observer. The marine blue body of water just stood there, hosting millions of different lifeforms. Just the thought of all the mammals and microscopic organisms made me flustered. Even though I have seen the same scenery for over 8 years I never seem to get bored of it. Now you may have many questions dear reader, and trust me, I do not blame you for it. You may not get the answers served on a silver plate, so I hope you do your part too.
For the last couple of years, I have been thinking about escaping this prison of a bedroom. I always tried to imagine what it is like to run through the meadow of flowers. To feel the sunshine touch my skin. To bathe in the majesty of the light from the heavens. It felt like the birds chirping was nature’s way to call me. The hum of the flowers caused by the wind blowing through their delicate leaves and petals was screaming my name. I want to leave this place; I want to get rid of my obscured line of sight caused by my isolation. One day I decided that I was going to escape. The day after, I took the opportunity to run, neither my Dad or my caretaker we’re home. I ran down the stairs and opened the front door. The first think I did was to take a deep breath. Then I exhaled, at that moment everything seemed to clear up. As I stepped out barefoot I felt this thrill, my heart started to pound pumping blood out to every single vessel in my body. Until my bare feet touched the green grass outside my house, that is when I got a feeling that I could do anything. Is this what people call...freedom? That is why I started to run, I felt like a could conquer the world. As I ran I came to a pretty tall hill. It seemed like the lightest and most durable mountain. Then again, I have never seen a mountain so I can’t really be a judge. As the sunbeams delicately landed on my body I could feel warmth and heat. But it is not quit the warmth I feel from being under my bedsheets. It was as if the heat and energy exploded from within my body. Because of the energy rush I decided to climb up this massive hill, I was determined. Whilst walking I saw many different flowers, small creatures and birds soaring through the heavens. After what felt like an eternity I reached the peak. As I was walking the world started to unveil itself. At the peak I could see the majestic sun illuminating every inch of nature. The sky magnificently stretching out as far as I could see, until it met the sea. There it was, the horizon, where the sky kissed the water. The seemingly endless sea glittered as if there were millions of jewels floating. Closer to me was the meadow, the green luscious meadow filled with flowers. I could see bees flying all over the place pollinating the flowers. I could see red foxes jumping around and playing as is there was nothing to worry about. Butterflies flying around with all kinds of shapes and colors.
I continued walking whilst being mesmerized by nature. Suddenly I could feel my legs getting heavier, I couldn’t keep on going. So I sat down in the grass amidst all the flowers. I just couldn’t get over that my dad kept me in my bedroom for all these years hiding the beautiful world from me. Although, I don’t blame him, not after what happened.
It was so peaceful, just lying in the grass and breathing the pure air. The fatigue did not go away; my chest was getting tighter. But it almost did not matter, after experiencing Eden I felt fulfilled. Minutes went by, I couldn’t keep my head straight. But I carried on, admiring the beauty that is mother nature. I knew something was off with my body, logic would say without a doubt to go back home. Did I listen to it? That would be a no. I did not want to go back home, I did not want to leave my paradise. I closed my eyes and listened to all the sounds mother nature produces. Then I opened my eyes once again, I almost got blinded by the sun. my body did not get better so I laid on my back. It was like earth was hugging me. My vision started to tunnel.
What is this warm feeling? I did not have any strength left, I couldn’t even lift a finger. My body was going to sleep…can I actually go to sleep here? But I am not sleepy, is this what they call dying? I didn’t want to die yet, on second thought. Maybe dad can finally have a good life. He maybe doesn’t need to spend so much money on me anymore. So that he can afford nice clothing, delicious food for himself.
I should really go to sleep, huh.
I love the warmth of the earth. It is so reassur-

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